"Our bodies are not meant to breathe

the pollutants found indoors"

Why Test For Mold?

There are a number of compelling reasons to test surfaces and the

air in a building where moisture damage may have occurred, not the least of which is to collect meaningful data to determine if a normal fungal ecology exists as defined by published standards.


There is also a scientific basis for testing visible mold - many times

dark-colored toxigenic fungi hide underneath fungal growth that may appear grey, yellow or white in color.


A swab sample of visible mold and air samples collected near visible moisture damaged materials will help determine if toxin-producing species are in the building, a finding that may require immediate action to protect the health of building occupants.


"Mycotoxins are "natural products produced by fungi that evoke

a toxic response when introduced in low concentrations to higher

vertebrates by a natural route"

…J.W. Bennett, Editorial, Mycopathologia 100:3-5, 1987


"Systemic symptoms (of trichothecene mycotoxins) can develop

with all routes of exposure and might include weakness, ataxia,

hypotension, coagulopathy, and death"

 …Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,

Emergency Preparedness and Response