Allergens/Asthma Triggers

We provide the only indoor air test that identifies airborne allergens small enough to trigger symptoms.


• Not everyone who has allergies has asthma, and not everyone with asthma has allergies. But allergens such as pollen, dust and pet dander, and mold can trigger asthma symptoms and asthma attacks.

• Our device collects biological materials in the air including allergens, bacteria, fungi, and viruses. At a high flow rate of 100 liters of air per minute, our device has the ability to capture the smaller more harmful particles that can get deep into the lungs. We have the capacity to capture airborne fine particles as small as 0.1um.

• Ultra-fine particles are potentially harmful because they not only enter your lungs but can enter your bloodstream. This can exacerbate allergy & asthma symptoms, and could potentially be fatal.

• Our air sampling technology captures airborne particles on steel electrodes vs. filters, there is no chance of clogging of the device or internal cartridge. Our device can be used in high dust areas.

• We can detect viruses including SARS-CoV-2 and the virus which causes equine encephalitis.

• We test samples by RT-PCR, a molecular biological method, using a CDC written protocol for COVID-19 testing.

Richard Gray - Director
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